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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

// posted by Jessica in Traveling @ 12:24:20 pm -
Europe Trip: Florence

And now for the conclusion to our great European adventure!

The train ride from Venice to Florence was long (about three to four hours) but, thankfully, a straight-shot. The train started out relatively empty, but filled up at each of the stops along the way.


We finally arrived in the city and purchased a map from the tourist desk. I figured out where our hotel was and that it was located about two miles away from the train station. I asked my mom whether she would like to pay for a taxi or walk. She asked what I wanted to do; I said I would rather walk. So we did. We rolled our luggage two miles down Florence’s cobbled streets and narrow sidewalks. Did I mention it was 90+ degrees outside?

When we arrived at the hotel, we were both red and dripping sweat. The man at reception was amazed that we had walked all the way to the train station. He showed us to our room and we relaxed in the air conditioning for a while.

When we were finally cooled off, we decided to go find food. We walked along the river for a distance, toward the center of the city. We stopped to check out the menus outside every restaurant we passed and finally found one that sounded good.

We both ordered the chicken in white wine, and I ordered some bruschetta as an appetizer as well. I asked for the house white wine to accompany my chicken, but the waitress brought me….Chianti. She must not have heard/understood the “white” part. Oh well, another bottle of Chianti for me.

Chicken and Chianti

The next day, we started to head up to the Piazzale Michelangelo, which overlooks the city. We got about halfway up before we decided the view was good enough, and it was too hot to continue all the way up.

Hey, it's me!

We had a reservation that afternoon at the Uffizi museum, so we started to head in that direction. We went to a few high-end stores, such as Gucci, Prada, and Armani before stopping for lunch. It was pizza again, but this time I actually got the house white! This is Italy’s version of pepperoni pizza. Apparently, if you ask for “pepperoni” you’ll get peppers. So this is “salame piccante” (or “spicy salami”). And it was good. So good.

Pizza and wine

After we ate, I finally bought a pair of shoes, though not from any of the designer stores. I really wanted a pair of Pradas, but I couldn’t find any that I thought were cute enough to pay $600 for. So I ended up at a smaller Italian chain store, and bought a cute pair of brown strappy sandals for less than $100.

We finally made it to the Uffizi and checked out all kinds of Italian art. We saw paintings by three-fourths of the Ninja Turtles’ namesakes. (Donatello was nowhere to be found.) The highlight? Seeing Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”. It was so much larger than I was expecting; I wish they allowed photos.

Outside the museum, we discovered a mime putting on a show. He was mimicking people and walking behind them. I’ve got some good video footage of this that I’ll eventually put together and post.

We headed back to the hotel and went up to the terrace. My mom read and I, of course, took pictures of the sights.


The next day, our goal was to tour the cathedrals around the city. We headed over to Santa Croce, which was close to our hotel.

Santa Croce

The posted opening time was five minutes after we got there. So we waited. And waited. And waited. It never opened. Unsure if it was ever going to, we decided to head over to the Duomo instead. There was a little bit of a wait to get inside, but it was mostly in the shade and moved quickly.

Inside the Duomo

Outside the Duomo was a tall tower, Giottoís Campanile. When I mean tall, I mean tall. It takes 414 stairs to get to the top. And I climbed. Every. Single. One.

I paused at the top to cool down. No air conditioning. 90+ degrees. It would have been a good idea to bring water, but I hadn’t thought of it. I then entertained the idea of selling water at the top of this thing, or even right at the bottom. After 10-15 minutes of rest, I ventured to the outside of the tower to check out the view. And what a view!

The viewThe viewDuomo from the bell tower

After snapping photos, I headed back down the 414 stairs to find my mom, who was waiting patiently at the bottom. She had found some people to chat with, so I retrieved her and we headed off to find water and food.

I found myself with yet another pizza in front of me. This one was four cheese, and it was the best pizza I had the entire trip. No wine this time though. I figured I was too dehydrated as it was.


We went to the Accademia art gallery after lunch to check out Michelangelo’s David statue. It was very large. Very very large.

At this point, we were quite tired of looking at Italian Renaissance paintings, so after a quick glance around the rest of the museum, we decided to head back to the hotel.

We wanted to rent a car the next day, so we got directions from the hotel reception on where we could find a car rental place. We went inside the wrong building first, but they kindly pointed us in the right direction. Our car was a tiny little Fiat something.


We made our way into the Tuscan countryside and came to the town of San Gimignano. The town is like a fortress, walled and with an abundance of tall towers.

San Gimignano

We ate lunch here. Yes, I had pizza, but it wasn’t very good. It reminded more of microwavable pizzas than the delicious pies I had elsewhere in Italy.

We wandered around the small town, going in and out of shops, and eating delicious gelato.

Gelato place

At one point, what I thought was a parade passed by…


…but it turned out to be a funeral. Oops.

We went to the torture and death penalty museums there, which I don’t think my mom was too thrilled with, but I found intriguing!

Isn’t the Tuscan countryside gorgeous?


On our way back into Florence, we stopped at the top of the Piazzale Michelangelo, which we hadn’t climbed to the top of days earlier, so we took some shots of the view.


Parking the rental car in front of the hotel, we walked toward the Ponte Vecchio (”old bridge”). On the way, I noticed someone had tagged each pillar with…Darth Vader?

Darth Vader?

The sun was setting, and I captured this photo on the bridge, which will soon be hanging over my bed.


Early the next morning, we packed up and drove the rental car to the airport, where we dropped it off. Our European adventure was coming to a close. We had a brief overlay in London (hey, I can say I’ve been to London too now!) and then a long flight back to the states, with another brief overlay in Charlotte.

It was two weeks, but it seemed to fly by. I cannot wait to go back, revisit some of the cities, and travel to new ones!

Lake Como

3 Responses to “Europe Trip: Florence”

  1. frances says:

    “We got about halfway up before we decided the view was good enough, and it was too hot to continue all the way up.”
    LOL That was too good haha…

    It seems the Dark Side of the Force is everywhere *shudders*

    Who’s the woman in the photo? Man, that picture looks like it has a story attached to it!! I see a novel cover there haha

  2. Jessica says:

    Haha, I have no idea who she was. She just happened to be sitting there and I was like “Ooh! Photo opp!”

  3. carrieitly says:

    Your car was a little tiny Fiat Cinquecento (500). You lucky thing.

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Quando si inviano le mie prime esperienze vendo levitra generico comprare cialis dapoxetina farmaco generico di trattamento a BBJ, sono entrato in un contratto solenne con me stesso di non entrare in o prendere qualsiasi parte viagra o cialis commenti in inutili, senza senso, e caritatevoli controversie, che ricordano pi√Ļ il duello dei tempi antichi di un amichevole e scambio cortese di idee, esperienze, c. Ma per una volta cialis 99 sono io fortemente tentato di differenze levitra cialis rompere viagra e fumo il mio giuramento, a dispetto di vedere il vostro levitra novartis avviso editoriale solito, Diverse lettere, domande, c., Rinviato fino alla prossima settimana per mancanza di spazio. Pertanto, Tobe breve e al punto, permettetemi di dire Cymro n potrebbe anche leggere me lato propecia in svizzera vendita destro come quello era abbastanza facile da fare come l'altra. In giustizia viagra mal di testa a me stesso, devo dire che sono stato il primo a dare un impulso ad un trattamento in questo villaggio, e, eventualmente, nel quartiere che circonda troppo, dopo aver introdotto l'uso del alveare telaio, e con notevole dispendio e del lavoro, e io liberamente ha dato la mia esperienza a caro prezzo comprato per il bene degli altri, fino al momento in th momento abbiamo circa trenta alveari bar-FRAM nel villaggio. Molti altri paesi hanno preso la febbre da noi, e hanno adottato l'alveare telaio. Mentre io soffio la mia tromba, lasciatemi dire anche che dopo un po 'di perseveranza, non ho lavorato su uno splendido mercato per il trattamento, sia in patria che all'estero, vale a dire, nel nostro paese e attraverso varie citt√†, c., In Inghilterra, la Scozia e l'Irlanda e anche se i miei pazienti come danno buoni rendimenti come maggior parte della gente, propecia generico in italia la domanda ha sempre superato l'offerta. 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Comunicazione e gestione delle informazioni, e fattori come la topologia delle decisioni, modelli di levitra listino vari processi decisionali, la funzione di ideologia, allevamento levitra e la base del potere e della sua compro viagra originale generazione ricevono attenzione solo rari e inadeguata. Silander aggiornato il loro processo decisionale An Annotated propecia vescica Bibliography, producendo un supplemento viagra senza ricetta vendita pagina per l'opera originale, anche se dal momento che molte pi√Ļ citazioni si possono trovare per il periodo che per il periodo precedente, il presente lavoro √® molto pi√Ļ selettivo. 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S√≥lo la eugenesia, que es el intento, o m√°s bien la propuesta, por el hombre para reproducirse cialis por gusto a partir del ajuste en lugar de los no aptos, y la selecci√≥n natural, que es este mismo objetivo alcanzado como conseguir viagra sin receta medica por los procesos lentos y derrochadores de sobreproducci√≥n y la ehmination de los no aptos en la lucha por la existencia, se dirigen a la viagra funciona verdad mejor cialis o viagra mejora de la herencia. Y sin embargo, para el progreso humano continuo y duradero debe vendo kamagra cialis hermosillo haber una mejora de la herencia, as√≠ como de medio ambiente. componentes de kamagra Como el lema de la buena fotograf√≠a es conseguir kamagra farmacocinetica que en el negativo, por lo que cialis 5mg reviews el lema comprar viagra en londres receta viagra espana cialis 10 de la buena educaci√≥n es conseguir que en la sangre. 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Los infartos se descubrieron cialis como tomarlo viagra gen√©rico comprar cialis venta de priligy en espa‚Ēú‚Ėía en tres casos con menos frecuencia, se observ√≥, que en las otras formas de valvulitis en el ri√Ī√≥n en un caso, en el bazo y los priligy muy caro ri√Īones en otro, y en la arteria cerebral media en generico de propecia comprar cialis comprar viagra generico en espana tercera. propecia generico marca costo finasteride comprar propecia viagra 50 mg cialis generico marca cialis 80 mg comprar cialis receta receta viagra online viagra venta espa√Īa farmacias viagra precio La cuarta viagra generica precio y √ļltima forui de endocarditis, como lo demuestra el examen post-mortem, a la que llamar√° la atenci√≥n es que denomina endocarditis ulcerosa. Partes inflamadas y sin brillo del endocardio de la v√°lvula puede ser visto a presentar aqu√≠ y all√° decoloraci√≥n amarillenta o yreyish, y para ser cubierto por los escombros propecia calidad finamente granular. 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