Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Road Confusion

Hello, dear poor neglected blog. I haven’t had anything super blog worthy that didn’t involve photos lately.

One thing I pride myself on is my inability to experience road rage. People who scream at other cars amuse me. What’s the point? This is my story of how I almost experienced road rage.

Picture, if you will, an Interstate. It is west bound, going into a downtown area. Five lanes. Before venturing into downtown territory, the middle lane splits. Three lanes go to the left. Three lanes go to the right.

It was on this Interstate that I found myself traveling. I was doing a decent speed (I won’t say how fast, in fear of giving my mother a heart attack) in the second lane from the left. In my rear view mirror, I noticed two cars gaining on me, both of them in the far left lane.

Around this time, I realized that I should get over. I needed to go towards downtown and right at the split. I merged (this word I use lightly, as there wasn’t any traffic to merge into) into the center lane. One of the speedy cars had changed lanes and was now in the lane where I had previously been driving. He was nearly side-by-side with me at this point.

Then he started inching towards the center lane.

I frowned. Did he not see me? I quickly checked my mirrors (though, as I said, there was no traffic) and moved into the lane to the right, just in time to avoid a collision.

This is where most people, I assume, start their road rage. Me? I did not. I thought to myself, “Well, maybe he didn’t see me and needs to go to the right at the split.” Perfectly justifiable. After all, I’ve accidentally cut people off whom I didn’t see before. Everyone does it at some point in time.

Then he changed lanes again.

To the left.

Yes, the lane he had just been in. He sped up and took off to the left of the split, leaving me confused in his dust.

My mind raced. What could have possessed him to take such an action? I could not come up with a reasonable explanation. After all, the center lane goes in both directions. Then my mouth formed the word: “Jerk?”

Yes, with a question mark.

I promptly forgot about it and went along my way.

Was this road rage? Or simply…road confusion?

Do you suffer from road rage?

2 Responses to “Road Confusion”

  1. Cathleya says:

    I have just about the worst road rage ever. I like your attitude about it all. I think I’m angry in the car about 90 percent of the time. But you’re right—what’s the point??? Ha.

    PS I think the guy totally cut you off just to be a jerk. But that’s how my mind works on the road! Everyone is out to get me! I need to take a chill pill :)

  2. Jessica says:

    My curse is that I justify things even when I’m not the person driving. It used to drive my ex crazy when he was all in the throws of road rage, and I was like, “Maybe his wife is having a baby and needed to cut you off and run that red light.”